Saturday, December 10, 2011

(UPDATE) Scott Blair "Pin-up" rework (PREVIEW)

Just something I'm working on in my spare time. The original piece, featuring former WWE diva Shelly Martinez, was done by pin-up artist Scott Blair (go check out his website, lots of great artwork there "".) In the original, you only had an upper body shot, but I'm basically re-creating it as a full body one. Don't know when I'll be finishing it (I still have lots to do), but I'll post the final product here if you guys want! Take care! :-)

Started adding some colour to it. So far so good! Don't worry, the final version won't be censored :-P Everything should be finalized this week! :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mare Simpson 18 (XXX)

"I can't stop bending women to my sexual will." - Robert Marlow
... He's Right. lol

Marge Simpson # 18 PREVIEW

What really happened in the "Mad Account Men" episode between Marge and Robert Marlow! Oh yeaaaah! :-P Should be done this week!